Sunday, December 1, 2013

Out Today!!

When the world we all knew went wrong and the monsters of our deepest nightmares began to stalk the earth, there was a woman who chose to search out and find Sanctuary amidst the increasingly nightmarish landscape of America.
These are the N Days.
Welcome to the story of one Samantha Worthington Day. She is on the run from a demon horde that has torn through the fabled Dreamscape and destroyed everything she ever loved. She is looking for the fabled Sanctuary of America (more specific locale??? ), a place where humanity can find HOPE, defend that which they believe in, and start rebuilding their shattered world.
As an added attraction, you too can join Samantha on her perilous journey across the United States by tracking her epic journey with the aid of the GPS coordinates provided within the text of her chronicles.
She has a long way to go, and her amazing destiny is yet to be revealed.
Called of Lightning, Called of Darkness, Called of Light!
Journey and experience the Days of N with Samantha Worthington Day.

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