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This paranormal romance starts with a human man, Tony, who falls in love with Lisa, a vampire woman  who is sent to exile from her world. The two of them are called back to her world to perform a Duty for her people before being exiled once again. Lisa and Tony are ordered to produce the prophesied godChild and demonChild. Together, these two children are to help the Shaytonians defeat their Enemy.

In my opinion, Ms. Faignes did an excellent job capturing the characters and the differences between the human and vampire worlds. I was able to visualize the details as if I were there. Though I have never really enjoyed paranormal romance before, Ms. Faignes helped me appreciate the genre. I was really able to be absorbed in this book. On the Nerd Alert Book Love Book Review Scale, I rate this book as an A. It left me guessing what happened next. I look forward to reading the 2nd book in the series.
In this story, the two main characters (Finnian and Tiria) have secrets within themselves that they try to hide from the rest of the world. Finnian carries the secret of an unspeakable crime, while Tiria carries the burden of betrayal.  They both lead a life of wandering until Finnian decides to restore an old lighthouse,  the same lighthouse that Tiria's father is keeper of. The lighthouse itself holds a dark past.
This book is full of detail. It helps me visualize the lighthouse, the road both Finnian and Tiria are on, and the relationship between them. I think that the details make this story. It is so VIVID.
It took me awhile to get into this story because I normally don't read this genre. But in the end, I ended up enjoying it! I rate this book a B+ on the Nerd Alert Book Love Rating Scale!

Chains of Frost (Book 1 of the Bellum Sisters Series)
by T.A. Grey

Let me begin by saying this: I had never read a paranormal erotica romance before. I have read several different books in the separate genre, but never one where all three genres come together. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The book began with three sisters reading their father’s last will and testament after he was killed in a war between demons, vampires, and shapeshifters. They were raised by their father to be strong, independant women and were taught not to depend on men. When they read that their father has given them to three of the strongest entities on the earth, they were all shocked and upset. On their 29th birthday (which was literally hours away for the twins) their respective new “owners” and “protectors” were supposed to come collect them. Not liking the idea, they ran. They went to the prime meridian on Halloween, which was rumored to be the most magical time and place on earth, to cast a spell to ward the three men off. Instead of warding them off, they summon a power hungry demon that tries to kill them.

The first twin, Chloe, dutifully goes to her new “owner” when her birthday finally comes. Her twin, Willow, however, decides to elude her new “owner” and goes on the run. Slowly, Chloe warms the heart of Tyrian, her new “owner”, and gets to know him better. She falls in love with him almost instantly. Throughout the book, she is repeatedly hurt by his coldness, but is patient with him until he reciprocates her love.

While Willow is on the run, she meets her new “owner” who is a shapeshifter and loves a competition. Repeatedly, she has a short conversation with him, then goes on the run again. He tells her that he could love her and protect her like he should, but she does not like the idea of being owned. So despite already having deep feelings for him, she runs some more.

While reading this book, I was more than frustrated with the situation that Chloe and her sisters were in. I could relate to them because my parents brought me up to be a strong, independant woman like their father brought them up that way. I could not imagine being left to a man to pay off a debt my parents had; let alone a man who was as cold as ice. I was definitely impatient with Chloe’s new “owner” and with every turn of the page, wished for him to melt just enough to let her inside. Before this book, I had never read any of T.A. Grey’s work. I have to say this author is AMAZING! I give this book an A on the Nerd Alert Book Love Review Scale!

Amber's Review

I started to read this book, I instantly fell in love with it. Although it was quite similar to Ms. Haig’s previous book, The Wishing Place, it was different. (If you haven’t read The Wishing Place, you should! It’s great!)

The book started out with the main character, Jantzen,, going to visit his billionaire father under a bridge. His father was extremely depressed after the death of his wife five years earlier. While his father lived under a bridge that was within sight of his house, Jantzen was raised by his grandfather, who gave him this magical book that allowed him (like his father and grandfather before him) to write to his soul mate. The book would erase everything after just a day and would not let either one of them tell each other their name or where they lived.

As the story continues, Jantzen gets confused. He made a promise to the girl in the book that he would wait for her, but starts to fall in love with a girl from school.  He tries to fight his feelings for her, but fails.

While Jantzen is busy running the family business, going to school full time, and falling in love, his father sees his late wife. She asks him to pull himself together because their son needed him. She tells him that his time with her is coming to an end. Soon before she leaves him forever, he meets this girl and learns to be happy again. He even goes back to work at the company.

I absolutely loved this book. While it was a joy to read, it left me frustrated because I was so anxious to know if Jantzen would ever meet the girl in the book. (I will not spoil the book for you). I was immersed in the book, like I was a living, breathing part of it. I felt the pain Jantzen felt, as well as the confusion and determination of his father.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book for fellow readers. I would rate this book an A+. If you ever get the chance to read this book, please, take the chance! You won’t be disappointed!

The Wishing Place
By Mindy Haig

I would have to begin by saying I normally don’t read a lot of fantasy books, but I took a gander on good faith that this one wouldn’t disappoint. I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t.

The story starts out with the main character, Nickolas, being tucked into bed by his mother. He wakes up to find himself in a magical place where wishes always come true. In this magical place he meets and befriends a girl named Valerie Porter, whom he calls Val. He does not go visit the Wishing Place every night, but when he does visit, he always wakes up the next morning thinking of Val.

Throughout the book, Nickolas visits Val in the Wishing Place in his dreams. They both are able to share things about themselves, except for where they lived in the “awake world.” Every time they try to reveal where they lived, the Wishing Place would send them back to the real world.

Despite not being able to know where each other lived in the real world, Nickolas and Valerie take each other to real places in their lives. When they go to a park near Nickolas’s grandmother’s house, he carved a heart that said “Nick + Val” in it and found it when he went to his grandmother’s house in the real world.

Nick and Val continue to visit each other in the Wishing Place throughout their life. As they get older, they visit each other less and less. Despite seeing each other less often, they never lose hope about meeting each other.

I found myself getting really emotional while I reading this book. I felt everything the characters felt. There were parts that were really depressing, others that were really exciting, and some that were sad, too. I can almost guarantee that you will feel the same.
While reading this book, I was anxious to get to the end. Not because I didn’t like it, because I did. I just couldn’t wait to see if Nickolas and Valerie finally met in real life. I kept flipping through the pages, trying to figure out if they did or not. I will not ruin that surprise for you.This book get a solid Nerd Alert Book Love A.


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Amber's Review

I just finished Infatuated by Elle Jordan. I have to say, this is one of the best books I have read recently. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Jordan. I was not in the least disappointed. This book has a love affair that is worth the envy, as well as a creepy suspense side that always keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. This book captivated me to the point where I thought I was sucked into the book and living Ally's life. Ally (aka Ally Cat) is a bartender who has a regular customer who sits in her bar just staring at her, never saying a word to her. When she meets and starts dating Kale Wilder, a mechanic, Ally's stalker gets even more aggressive.

 Ally's relationship with Kale is one I am quite sure every reader could relate to; whether it is because they have a relationship like it, or because they wish they had one like it. I love how protective Kale is over Ally, especially when it comes to Earl. One of my favorite things about Ally and Kale is that they can always share a good laugh with each other, even in the most stressful of times. When they break up, I could feel the pain and confusion that Ally was going through. There is a turn in the book that I won't tell you about because I was shocked about what had happened. I want you to be just as surprised by what you read. While I was surprised by this twist, I couldn't help but to feel concerned and afraid for Ally.

 Ms. Jordan did an excellent job writing this book. It's pages are full of suspense. The love story she portrays is so realistic, I felt as if I was Ally. The range of emotions this book took me on made me feel like I was going to get emotional whiplash. So, with all of this being said, I warn you ahead of time so you can prepare for your own emotional whiplash. I rate this book an A+! Happy reading!

10 Fun Facts about Elle
1) Iron Man is my favorite superhero. (Hot + Rich + Brainy = WIN.)
2) I'm either very quiet when I meet new people or I talk non-stop. (I'm actually shy.)
3) Potato skins are a must-have in my house. (I must have them at least 2x a week.)
4) My mom is an author. (But I won't tell you who she is!)
5) I'm convinced someone lives under my house. (Though it's probably just an animal...I hope.)
6) I love products by Apple. (I have an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and an old iPod...)
7) I'm pretty sure I have Mountain Dew in my blood. (I live off the stuff.)
8) I'm still mad they canceled Roswell and Dark Angel. (I hold a mean grudge.)
9) I love making jewelry. (But I hate wearing it.)

10) I'm obsessed with making book covers. (...for books I'll probably never write.)

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