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Dare to Breathe M. Homer


Can you learn to forget?

Sam is plagued by nightmares she can’t understand with dark visions of a past she suspects may be her own. When she moves into a new co-ed house, she is drawn to the handsome but aloof Nathan. The housemates welcome in Sam but all withhold their own secrets from her which she knows she needs to unravel to truly understand Nathan. But her past is destined to torment her, can she find the strength to face her fear?

Wendi's Review
***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review from New Adult Tours***

I enjoyed reading this book. It was very well written and pulled me in from the beginning. The story follows Sam, a young college student who has a very troubled past that sometimes gives her violent nightmares. Her nightmares have gotten so out of hand that she decides to ask her RA to find her a new room where she can no longer disturb any roommates.

She lucks out and is housed in a 4 room (one of which she has to herself) co-ed house right off campus with 4 older students who all know each other from childhood. This is when we are introduced to the very hot and quiet ladies man Nathan. On first glance Nathan comes off as cocky and kind of mean, but as the story progresses we see that he is one hell of a friend. We also meet the other roommates Carrie, Ben and Mandy. This group quickly turns into a little family each looking out for the other, but as the group gets closer so do Nathan and Sam, despite Carrie's warning. 

Just as Sam is getting used to college life and starting to feel normal again, her past is thrust into her present and it threatens to have her spin out of control. Some things that she thought were true, now have become twisted. And just as she has secrets, so do those that live in the house.

My only hangup on this book would be I would have liked to know more of the back story with the four friends. Some of it is touched on, but I would have liked to know what really happened. This is really a very well written book and I give it a certified Nerd Alert Book Love B.

Author bio:

Michela lives in the beautiful country of New Zealand with her very understanding husband, two children, two cats and one fat chocolate Labrador!

Michela has always loved reading and remembers one of her first books being "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy which she read repeatedly. Her main passion however is writing books about young adult love. She loves to write stories about characters based on emotional struggles and how despite these, love can overcome all.

Michela loves hearing your feedback.

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