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MJ Kane Guest Post!!

Hi Nerd Alert!
First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for dropping by my Facebook Author Page to say “Hola!” in December, which really made my day! As an author, nothing makes the time spent creating meaningful characters and stories worth it than connecting with reads. Listening to your interpretations of the story are the inspiration I love to use in my writing. So, if you haven’t connected with me on any social networking sites, follow the links below…I’m everywhere!
Now, on to the fun stuff!
March 6th marks the release of the third novel in The Butterfly Memoirs Series, Lonely Heart. If you’ve read books One and Two (A Heart Not Easily Broken and Jaded), you’ve met Kaitlyn Rodgers. For two books, she’s been the side kick, comic relief, and shoulder to cry on when her best friends needed a listening ear. For two years she’s felt her life was perfect. Why not? With the perfect job and dream boyfriend, she’s got everything her besties had to fight for without even trying. So when she finds out she’s pregnant and her dream of having a happy family is coming true, nothing can go wrong…right?
The reality of life is this: nothing is perfect because perfection is impossible. Does that mean we can’t be happy? Not at all! Happiness is what you want it to be. Discovering what is best for you in your situation means that sometimes you have to step away from society’s requirements and expectations. For Kaitlyn, it means ending the relationship with her dream man when he decides he no longer wants to be a father.  Faced with the struggles of parenthood, Kaitlyn is prepared to sacrifice everything in order to make a life for her unborn child…even if it means giving up on love.
Welcome to Kaitlyn’s world...

Instead of planning her wedding, Kaitlyn Rodgers is facing motherhood alone, the pressures of a new job, and caring for her rebellious younger sister. What should have been the happiest time of her life turns into one stressful event after another.

After watching his father struggle to raise a family by himself, auto mechanic Antonio Rodriguez refuses to follow his father’s footsteps…even if it means a lifetime of loneliness.

When Kaitlyn’s car breaks down, though, Antonio goes beyond auto repairs to take care of her needs. An unexpected friendship begins, allowing them a glimpse of happiness…until the father of Kaitlyn’s child returns, ready to offer her marriage and a future. But at what cost?


“Kaity, are you sure this is what you want?”
A final scan of the room showed nothing left behind. “Yes, Ebony, I’m positive. Luke made it clear he doesn’t want this baby, which means he doesn’t want me.”
After months of failed attempts to convince my boyfriend of two years keeping our family together was best, I had had enough.  The moment he learned about the pregnancy, he suggested abortion. After arguing, he conceded to try and work things out. Everything went fine for a while, but the more I asked him to participate in the doctor’s appointments and for ideas about setting up the baby’s room, the more standoffish he became.
His decision to avoid the sonogram and ignore my calls and text messages was enough.
I had three months until my baby’s arrival.
My baby…Who’d have thought I’d become a single mom?
A few short months ago, my life was perfect. I worked my dream job and had a man who loved me.
Tunes out I was wrong about that.
I made some bad decisions in my life, but it was too late to change them now.
For the next three months my focus would be providing my baby with a happy home.  And regardless of what Luke thought, he would still have responsibility in providing for his child.
“That’s everythin’. Let’s get out of here before he gets home.”          

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