Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heaven's Headache- R.D. Knighten


Was the Prophet Jonah really swallowed by a whale? Was he the first example of racism in the Bible? 

Inspired by the life of the Prophet Jonah, "Heaven's Headache" takes a controversial look into the biblical evidence surrounding the story of the Hebrew prophet. By exploring the cultural and sociopolitical environment of this era in biblical antiquity, author R.D. Knighten discusses Jonah's road toward tolerance and uncovers a message far more captivating than the whale-of-a-tale we know as "The Book Of Jonah." 

"Heaven's Headache" reveals the ageless message the prophet has for us today.


We don't normally promo books in this genre, but this is an absolute exception! Heaven's Headache by R.D. Knighten is a well told and well written story of the Prophet Jonah. It is controversial, and may convey somethings that you may not have known about or were taught in Sunday School! Its a must read for Christian scholars, anyone who loves to read about non-fiction or history buff! Pick this up TODAY!


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